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Nutritious and Healthy Eating:

All body functions have strong dependency of diet and constituents of the food. Every living being in its life processes spends some constituent stuff continuously. Much of these substances are being oxidized, burned and consumed for the functions in the body, resulting in energy release. This energy is used to maintain a constant body temperature, also to ensure the normal functioning of the every internal organ and particularly to perform any physical work.

Theory of Nutrition:

Food is the necessity of life, hence, surely, science includes the theory of nutrition as their important and essential part. In the history of science there are two theories of nutrition.

The ancient theory of nutrition:

According to this theory the power to all organs of the body is due to the blood, which is continuously formed in the digestive system of nutrients as a result of a complex process of unknown to nature. Based on these illustrations, numerous remedial diets were built, that were to provide an easier transformation of food into the blood with the best qualities of the latter.

The classical theory:

This is of a balanced diet and is closely related to common belief about the ideal food and optimal balanced diet. It has following basic principles:

  • Intake of food must exactly match their expenses;
  • Nutrients are needed for metabolism and construction of structures of the body;
  • Utilization of food is carried out by the body;
  • food consists of several mechanism of physiological significance: food, ballast and toxic substances;

Metabolism is firmed by the level of amino acids, sugars, fatty acids, vitamins and salts. Nutrients are essential for the body and its vital processes. The common property of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is their ability to suit the energy needs. However, they have relatively high levels of energy released when out to the digestive enzymes.

The best food composition:

The food should contain proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and not the least, water. The need for particular amount of food, as well as the particular nutrients may depend on the age , for the type of work and living conditions. To better meet this need of the body, it is necessary to know how much energy is being consumed on a daily basis. It is known for a fact, that the energy produced by the body eventually being released as heat. Under the best nutritional standards we understand such rules, which completely cover the needs of the bodies for adults, and in addition, the needs of growth and development for the children. Proper diet promotes working capacity, and is one of the most important conditions for the proper performance of the gastrointestinal tract.

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