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Mr. Ashok Raja, a fitness freak, as owner and director of the Endurancee Gymnasium he is responsible for the overall operations at the gym. He believes that "Fitness is not a destination its a way of life.Getting healthy is a lifestyle, making small changes will result in big effects.He has developed a lifelong commitment and connection to fitness.
Raja is an internationally certified fitness advisor. As a fitness advisor, he has a range of skills from workouts to nutrition.Also he can train old age people to exercise after studying their symptoms and medication for any illness.He offers a holistic approach to fitness and weight loss.
On a day-to-day basis Raja can offers the capacity to manage and train members of a gymnasium, management of facilities and equipment as well as be readily available to trainers and members of the health facility. His efforts have always resulted in outstanding customer satisfaction reviews.

His focus, as a gym fitness enthusiast is in the areas of fitness and weights, he always aims to provide a healthy and fitness enriched environment for each client coming to Endurancee to enable them to develop a holistic approach towards getting fit.
Today, Endurancee offers a good mix of male and female clients. The gym is equipped with the latest cardiovascular,and as well as weight and strength training equipment.It offers facilities like personal training, group training, diet consulting, fitness consulting, orthopedic patients training, prenatal and post natal trainings, aerobics, power Yoga.The facility also has a steam bath.

'our scientificaly Designed Work Out Plan will improve the following five physical Fitness components'

  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Muscular endurance
  • Muscular strength
  • Flexibility
  • Body composition

We have designed all the work-out plans based on medico-scientific fitness including yoga, power yoga, pilates, and many more.
      At Endurancee gym, the interiors and the ambience have been aesthetically designed. A prospective client has an opportunity to evaluate the gym over three free turns before making a financial commitment towards a membership. The gym provides the customers the very best in fitness equipment, which is user friendly.Some key features:

  • The fitness process at Endurancee Gym starts with a basic lifestyle assessment, followed by a scientific evaluation of the members fitness requirements.
  • You will find results in a customized weight management solution based on holistic long-term fitness objectives.
  • Each members progress is re-evaluated every 4 to 6 weeks and thereafter he/she is counseled by professional dieticians and internationally certified trainers to positively reinforce his/her fitness goals.
  • Endurancee gym is ready to help clients to eliminate both pounds and excuses through readily accessible facilities. Our model offers comfort, convenience and affordability.
  • Our club is fully equipped with all high-tech imported cardio-vascular fitness and strength training machines and free weights, centrally air-conditioned keeping hygiene at utmost importance.

At Endurancee Gym you get PERSONAL ATTENTION from the Managing Directors themselves, who will guide you all the way to the path of fitness, the members are not solely dependent on instructors, every member is taken care of equally in all regards. We Guarantee that!

Experience the Endurancee Gym of Life:

Our lifestyle allows us to indulge in pizza with a topping, a movie night out with your sweetheart, a fresh new play list for your smart phones, a full tank of gas (well, maybe half a tank).and so, why don't we invest in a gym.and investment which will take us towards a healthier life?

So, for only Rs.23/- per day, you can get Membership to Endurancee Gym. This is an opportunity for you to explore what total fitness is all about. Its about focusing on the whole you taking a total approach to your health, striking the perfect balance between exercise, nutrition and motivation. Now you can have access to the essential resources and tools to achieve a stronger, richer, healthier way of life.

Experience the Endurancee Gym of Life:

Endurancee Gym Total Fitness is committed to build upon its position and brand as the leading provider of fitness services. Endurancee gym is helping our members achieve their fitness goals by providing the high quality services,in a fun, friendly, safe and welcoming environment.

Our Vision:

Endurance gym is the brain child of Ashok Raja, an IFBB Certified fitness trainer and aesthetic body builder. His passion for fitness and to train people has seen him travel the distance across various cities in India . Serving clients in excellence with the highest quality in holistic wellness techniques, treatments and knowledge to change and enhance their quality and longevity of life.

Our Mission:

Improve the health and quality of life by improving quality of fitness that is provided at our gym for people through personalized, accessible wellness programs.
To be the standard of excellence by our own measure and an example for other gyms in terms of knowledge, technology, equipment and customer service.
To use the best and latest technology to assist our clients in their work outs. We believe in making the training program fun, giving our clients as much variations as possible.
We believe in assisting our clients in every possible way to sustain and reach their health and fitness goals.
We want to motivate, excite, assist and sustain people in their training.
We also would want to take it to the next level by training ,nurturing and meeting the needs of budding sports talents in various fields such as athletics, football, cricket , tennis.
We would by no means promote or recommend the use of any illegal or banned performance enhancing substances in any of our training programs.
Above all, we are always driven by rich values in terms of passion, integrity , innovation and results.

Gym Timings:

5.30 am to 10 pm On all week days
6 am to 1 pm On sundays

  • No. 46, Lalbahadur Colony,
    Bharathi Colony Main Road,
    peelamedu,Coimbatore - 641 004.
    Mobile : 96555 97684
    Phone : 0422 3565738
    Email :

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